Restaurant marketing fundamentals #4 - Traditional Avenues like Print & Radio

marketing , 6 May 2021

Restaurant marketing fundamentals #4 - Traditional Avenues like Print & Radio

In our experience, there are five key marketing fundamentals that can take a restaurant from unnoticed to the forefront of the industry. Take a look at our best practice overviews and share them within your organisation to make sure you’re in the best position to see a return on investment for every marketing dollar spent

Traditional Avenues like Print & Radio

Digital marketing is at the forefront of restaurant marketing efforts right now, however often the most effective approach is to leverage a combination of both traditional and digital channels.

The strategic thinking behind this, is simply to connect with a wider range of audiences and keep your restaurant at the forefront of your potential customers’ minds throughout their day; from scrolling their phone at breakfast, to on the radio in the car and billboards positioned on the way to work, all the way through to watching TV in the evenings.

If you’re considering delving into a traditional marketing avenue but can’t validate the argument for ROI, consider where your audience typically sits. For example;

“Boomers still prefer to shop in-store rather than online, making more traditional forms of marketing such as billboards, bus backs and print advertising essential.” - Walsh & Beck


“Social media is the main point of contact for Millennials, as they will use social media to help them make a decision when looking to purchase an item.” - Walsh & Beck

In summary, who your potential customers are should heavily inform where you’re placing your marketing spend to increase conversions and drive ROI.

If you tend to have an older demographic of patrons or are taking a two-pronged approach to your marketing, here’s a really helpful breakdown off the back of a UK study that broke down traditional advertising cost vs. effectiveness:

traditional media weighted scores

traditional Media ROI


Here at First Table we might be a digital company, but we still use radio ads and give out promo cards to promote our partner restaurants, who we don't charge a penny. We’ve put together a guide to take you through exactly how it works. You can download it for free, without obligation, below.


An innovative marketing strategy in combination with the other four pillars of restaurant marketing will give your restaurant(s) the competitive edge to reach an extensive audience and positively impact your bottom line.

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