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Now more than ever, empty tables cost you money. To make sure you cover profitability, food and staff costs, you want your restaurant to be filled from the very start of service. 

Introducing the First Table Info Pack - the only guide you'll need to get your restaurant booming. 

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  • How to make guaranteed profit from your empty tables
  • How to market your restaurant for no direct cost
  • How to build atmosphere from the very start of the night
  • How to cover staff costs at normally quiet times
  • How to build your reputation among local diners

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What we do

First Table is a restaurant discovery platform that turns restaurants hardest-to-fill tables into a marketing asset, increasing profitability and growing their business. We showcase your restaurant to over 1,200,000 foodies who are looking for their next meal, and give you the opportunity to grow your customer base and get you more business.

1600 restaurateurs have profited from being on First Table, using own proven formula to drive revenue from empty tables; imagine what we could do for yours.

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What Restaurants Are Saying

First Table has definitely been a great marketing tool for us. It's a brilliant way for our local market to try us for a nice dinner out without breaking the bank. 

Early dining is always a quiet time of night so it's great being able to create some real atmosphere in the restaurant at an early stage of the evening. It's also a great opportunity for our staff to show the First Table diners what we do here and add a personal touch to their experience. We get a lot of return customers as a result.

-Hayden Davison,
Restaurant Manager at Jervois Steak House

Restaurants using First Table to win customers

Lahpet Covent Garden
Tare Bistro Bristol