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Now more than ever, empty tables cost you money. To make sure you cover profitability, food and staff costs, you want your restaurant to be filled from the very start of service. 

Introducing the First Table Info Pack - the only guide you'll need to get your restaurant booming. 

Get the First Table Info Pack to learn:
  • How to make guaranteed profit from your empty tables
  • How to market your restaurant for no upfront cost
  • How to build atmosphere from the very start of the night
  • How to cover staff costs at normally quiet times
  • How to build your reputation among local diners

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What's inside the Info Pack

  • Turn to page 4 to find out our secret formula that's guaranteed to make your profit
  • Over on page 7 we explain how we integrate directly with your online booking system
  • Page 9 features the demographics of customers we'll bring to your restaurant
  • Flick over to page 10 to find out how we will grow your business through our extensive marketing reach

Our story

Discover how First Table began from humble beginnings in Queenstown to an international business inspiring over 1,200,000 diners across the globe to try something new.



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More about us

First Table is a restaurant marketing company helping restaurants use their 'first table' as a promotional tool to attract more customers and increase revenue. We showcase your restaurant to over 1,200,000 foodies who are looking for their next meal, and give you the opportunity to grow your customer base and get you more business.

1600 restaurateurs have already joined up and love what First Table is doing for their revenue; imagine what we could do for yours.

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